About Adamas

Adamas Asset Management (“Adamas”) focuses on providing structured funding for growth enterprises in Greater China and developed markets across Asia. Our dedicated investment team comprises over 20 professionals in Hong Kong, serving sovereign funds, family offices, pension funds, institutional investors, private banks and high net worth individuals worldwide. Firm-wide Assets Under Management (AUM) over US$600 million as of December 2016.  

Adamas combines significant credit and equity financing experience with extensive global capital market exposure, deep industry knowledge and strong relationships with leading state-owned enterprises, entrepreneurs, institutional investors and government bodies. Our objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for investors through investing in growth companies in Greater China who have limited access to traditional bank financing and public equity markets. These growth companies are run by seasoned entrepreneurs who are prepared to provide robust collateral, cooperation on robust due diligence, and managerial or board participation, and who do not want to dilute their own equity positions. Through continuous effort in the past years, we established a track record and have been recognised as the go-to house for structured private sector funding in Asia.  

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