Adamas Ping An Opportunities Fund



Adamas Ping An Opportunities Fund provides flexible non-correlated investment strategy that invests using credit structures in medium/ large sized companied predominately in China.

In China, the majority of the enterprises have limited access to traditional bank financing and public equity markets have not kept pace with the rapid growth of private enterprises. The joint venture bridges the funding gap and helps high quality growth companies develop their business while providing investors with risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Objective and Strategy

The US Subprime Crisis, the European sovereign crisis and the current macro slowdown in China have created severe market dislocations in Asia and a general withdrawal of capital from the region. Withdrawal of liquidity from China’s liquid markets would create an opportunity for private capital to play an increasing role in corporate financing. In light of the macro dynamics, our investment approach is on the conservative end of the alternative investment spectrum, namely capital preservation with equity options to allow us to share in the upside. Flexibility to invest across the capital structure allows us to invest where it makes the most sense from a risk-adjusted return perspective and look at strategies when it is the right time for them and not be pigeon-holed.

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