Adamas is a Greek word for diamond and it is reflective of our mission statement to be a Transparent, Robust, Durable and a Rare gem for our investors. We recognise that the road to becoming a diamond is long, often heated and under immense amount of pressure, but everyone at Adamas is willing, ready and excited to work hard in becoming our investors' diamond.

Our Philosophy

Adamas Asset Management ("Adamas") is one of the leading private credit investors in Asia, with close to a decade of delivering robust and uncorrelated risk adjusted returns to investors.

The roots of Adamas are grounded in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Founders, Paul Heffner and Barry Lau. The investment team is focused on serving our investors with an emphasis on safety, integrity and thoughtfulness, represented in our Chinese name. 


An (Safety)

The bottom half of it represents a woman. Above her, you can see a roof. So, a woman under a roof represents safety. It also connotes peace and order.

De (Integrity)

In China the term Dé is probably the closest modern English equivalent that means ‘virtue’ in the sense of ‘personal character’, ‘inner strength’, ‘virtuosity’ or ‘integrity’. Chinese character Dé, written as , is composed of the radicalfollowed by the number ‘fourteen’ or shí sì (十四) over ‘one’ or yī () ‘heart/mind’ or xīn (). The simple meaning is that one has to have a heart big enough for fourteen people.

Si (Thoughtfulness)

This is the symbol for contemplation and thought. This character combines the symbol for field () and the symbol for heart/mind () – evoking the nuance of reflective thinking and thoughtfulness.